This blog is about my food diary. My name is Inge and I am originally from Indonesia and have been living in Melbourne, Australia since 2001.

I have always loved to eat; I got this from my parents, I think. My dad especially. I remember my dad had his own little fridge in the bedroom and when he woke up at night, he would visit his fridge and have something to eat or drink. Not a good habit I must say.

When I still lived with my parents until my high school, at dinner time we (my parents, my sister and my two younger brothers) always gathered together in the dining table to eat and also to talk about whatever. My mom is a good cook and I used to accompany her to go to the market and occasionally help her in the kitchen.

Even though I have always loved food, I didn’t start cooking real food until about mid 2007. Before that, I often did take-aways and if I did cook, I used a ready-made marinate sauce, mix it with some meat and stir fry it. I used to think why spent too much time in the kitchen while you can get ready-made stuff in the supermarket.

Ahh, not anymore.

When I found out I got a high cholesterol level, I started to cook more healthy food. I must say I’d never overeaten, I ate considerably standard size meals, but often not healthy food. I bought a recipe book for healthy heart and follow them.  I learnt about the good and bad food and try to follow the guide. Five serves of vegetable and 2 serves of fruit a day, 2 serves of wholegrains daily, 3 serves of low fat dairy every day, lean meat,  fish at least twice a week, legumes in at least 2 meals a week, a small handful of nuts most days (from the Heart Food, the Healthy Heart Cookbook by Veronica Cuskelly and Nicole Senior). Wow that’s a lot of food!!  And I was thinking if I can be healthier by eating more, then that’s awesome!

I live with my husband, Iggy who also shares the love for food. He likes almost everything and not at all fussy about food. He tried many of my not-so-successful cooking, but he never complaint. It’s either he’s being nice to me or his taste buds have a very high tolerance.

I am not yet creative enough to create my own recipe, but I am a good recipe follower. I occasionally buy the Healthy Food Guide magazine and I subscribe to Donna Hay magazine (I love it..!!). I got a few Gordon Ramsay’s recipe book, bought them when they are on sale. Other than that, I looked up recipes online. I often tweak a recipe, bearing in mind to fulfill the daily intake recommendation. You know, like swapping the bacon with salmon.

I usually cook simple dishes because I work full time 9-to-5. In the weekend I usually prepare a few dishes that I can keep in the fridge so during the week nights, I can just put them in the oven or simply reheat them. Casserole tastes better the next day!

Since then, and also with my regular exercise (I used the elliptical bike for 30 mins everyday) I managed to get my cholesterol level to normal in about 4 months time. I feel fitter, has more energy and I can sleep better at night. Now, the cooking habit and regular exercises stick with me. I am always excited to plan my weekly menu, excited to go to the kitchen and cook, and to taste the end result.

I’d like to share what I cook or eat (hence this blog!) and hopefully some people can get a few tips and this blog inspires people to cook more at home :).




4 Responses to “About my Blog”

  1. Harsono Says:


    waaahhhh… foto masakannya pro nihhhhh…

    well done…

    tambah lagi koleksinya yahhhh

    1. Inge Says:

      Thanks ya Harsono…

  2. Martino Says:

    hai inge so impressed with your blog,i love cook as well,hopefully we can share recipe and knowledge about food,btw i just finish my cookery at william angliss..jadi pengen ngobrol banyak soal makaan.^^..

    1. Inge Says:

      Thanks 🙂 Hey, I will study at William Angliss, starting this semester (July 10)

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