I have a good friend at work who also enjoys cooking and eating (that’s you, Liz!) . On Friday we were talking about glutinous rice, and she mentioned in the weekend she will make a dessert made of glutinous rice and mango (it’s in season now in Australia).

It got me thinking about another dish made of glutinous rice that is served in yum cha. It’s steamed glutinous rice, normally cooked with chinese sausage and mushroom. I looked up the recipe for this online, and come across this one http://www.camemberu.com/2009/06/steamed-glutinous-rice-with-chinese.html.

I thought it’s gonna be complicated to make this dish, but it’s actually quite simple. I followed the recipe above, but I didn’t use the dried shrimps and replace them with diced pork spare ribs. For the seasoning, I don’t have the tsuyu so I replaced it with the chinese cooking wine.

I doubled the recipe as I planned to give it to my friend at work too 🙂

Ingredients for the steamed glutinous rice

I fried the diced pork spareribs first until browned. Then I added the chinese sausage, fry for 2 minutes. Garlic is next, and then the mushroom. After 3 minutes, add the rice and the seasonings.

All ingredients and seasonings combined

I lined a steamer with a baking paper and put the rice mixture directly on the baking paper (I didn’t use a bowl). Make sure you don’t put too much rice mixture in the steamer because the rice will not cook evenly.

Rice mixture ready to steam

After 30-40 minutes, voila… steamed glutinous rice with pork, chinese sausage and mushroom. Taste similar to what you would have in the yum cha place 🙂

Thanks to Catherine (http://www.camemberu.com/) for the recipe and easy to follow instructions!

Steamed glutinous rice with pork, chinese sausage and mushroom