How many plastic containers in your lunch bag?

In mine, there are 6… :P. No, they are not for the whole week, they are for one day.

Well, at least that is for Friday, because we play badminton after work until late (6.30 – 9pm). We need to have a light meal, may be around 5pm before badminton. So I packed up something else besides the breakfast and lunch..

Yeah, we normally have breakfast in the office as well. Just because we don’t really feel like eating soon after we woke up.

So, here are what I have in my lunch bag for tomorrow (Friday):

Container 1. Yogurt

I usually bought a big tub of yogurt (1kg tub) in the supermarket (it’s cheaper than the small/ one-serve tubs). I put about 5 tablespoons of the yogurt in a little container to bring to work. Lately, I have also added a small handful of dried goji berries into the container.

Choose a low fat yogurt. This yogurt is one-serve of dairy (daily recommendation is 3 serves of low fat dairy foods)

When dried, the goji berries are pretty hard and chewy. But when you put them with the yogurt the night before, in the morning the berries will be soft and moist :D.

Goji berries is one of the best superfoods that are rich of nutrients and packed with anti-oxidants (

Yogurt with goji berries

Container 2. Cereal

I prepare 1 serve of cereal (about 45gr) in a small container. I suppose I can keep the cereal box in the office, but I like to mix different types of cereal :D.

Choose the wholegrain breakfast cereals. Target is to have 2 serves of wholegrains every day. This cereal is one-serve taken care of.

Have the cereal with about 1 cup of milk (low fat milk is recommended), that’s 1 serve of dairy taken care of (daily recommendation is 3 serves every day).


The next 2 containers are for lunch. I tend to separate the main dish from the side dish, or the dry and wet/saucy dish. Especially in the case of rice or noodles with some meat/veggie dishes which have some sauce in it, so that the liquid won’t be absorbed by the rice or noodles, and they will not be soggy. I usually do the same for pasta dishes too. It’s kinda nicer that way too, so when you put them together in a plate at work, it looks clean and more appetising.

Container 3. Lunch box #1: Side dish/ dry ingredients

For tomorrow, I packed some noodles, broccoli and lettuce.

Lunch box #1: Side dish/ dry ingredients

Container 4. Lunch box #2: Main dish/ saucy dish

The main dish for tomorrow is pork bulgogi (Korean). My husband and I really love this dish. I will post about the pork bulgogi next time I make this.

Lunch box #2: Main dish/ saucy dish

Container 5. Fruits

I always chopped up some fruits the night before to bring to the office. Most of the time I will feel lazy to munch an apple or pear, or to cut up an orange in the office. But when they are already cut up, then there’s no excuse and I feel obliged to eat them. I normally prepared about 2 serves of fruit in the container. The 2 serves of fruit daily recommendation is well taken care of every day.

1 serve of fruit is an average sized apple, pear or orange, 2 small fruits such as plums, peaches or apricots, or a cup of fruit salad (from Heart Food, the Healthy Heart Cookbook by Veronica Cuskelly and Nicole Senior, 2008)

After chopping apples or pears, put them for 30 seconds or so in a bowl with water and a bit of salt (or you can use lemon juice) to prevent them from browning. Sometimes I don’t really bother to do this, the apples and pears do not do that anymore these days…

I always have a bag of carrots in the fridge, so I normally peel and cut them (1 carrot per person) into little sticks and put them together with the fruits. It’s better to peel them as the skin can be bitter.


Container 6. Light meal (before sports)

For tomorrow, I packed up some fish cakes to have before badminton. I made the fish cakes last weekend and keep them in the fridge. I will post the recipe for this one day. It’s very easy to make, tasty and it’s fish!

Light meal

So, put them together… it’s a bit ridicolous, I know… but it’s fun!

My lunch bag and its children

So, how many containers you have in your lunch bag?

Well, my husband Ig will have 6 too for tomorrow… He once had a quite funny encounter with one of his colleagues at work. One time Ig was in the kitchen washing the containers he brought for that day. And then a colleague came around, saw him and asked:

Colleague: “Doing your weekly collection..?”

Ig: “Oh no, these containers are just for today.”

Colleague: “Huh..?”